What to write on your blog

004_28Setting up a blog is easy, but when it comes to the actual content many people face an instant writers block. In this article you’ll get some ideas on what to write about on your new blog, so that visitors want to leave comments and come back.

If you read my previous articles, you know that it’s important to start your own WordPress blog, but what do you do once it’s up there, ready to be filled with content?

Your blog pages

A blog consists of blog pages and blog posts. A blog page is a bit different from a blog post and is mainly used for things like the “About Me” page or a “Ressources” page. These pages normally appear in a main menu on the blog, so that the reader can always click on the link to visit the page.

When you start your blog, your pages should be the first content that you post on your blog. Start with the “About” or “About Me” page. There you introduce yourself and your story to the reader. Post your picture there if possible. Another page that you can create is the “Ressources” page. There you can give a short overview of the programs or websites that you use yourself. For example you could post links to advertising ressources there. There are many more pages that you can create, it’s up to you what type of pages these are.

Your blog posts

Blog posts are pieces of content or articles that you post on your blog. You should first think about the categories that you want to setup on your blog. Each blog post can be added to one or more categories. Your categories are topics. For an internet marketing blog you could setup the categories “Blogging”, “Website Traffic”, “Social Marketing”, “Listbuilding” and so on. Sometimes a blog post fits more than one category. That’s ok, assign it to multiple categories… but not too many and don’t do that with every blog post. You want to place them possibly in one category, this will keep your blog more structured and it will be easier for people to find what they are looking for.

Try to publish one new blog post every day and keep doing so, possibly forever. That’s how you get traffic and with the right marketing techniques even tons of traffic.

When you write articles for your blog, always make sure that the reader gets a benefit from reading the article. Don’t write your articles like those that you can find all over the internet in article directories. Those mostly consist of a boring introduction to the topic and then just superficial stuff… things that people have read elsewhere before. You need to write articles that are different, not only in the content but also in structure. Try to use sub-headlines, underlines, paragraphcs and sometimes colors in your content… of course only if it fits. Don’t make your content look like a christmas tree. If you want to know how it’s done right, have a look at the popular online newspapers.

The content type in your articles can be anything from training-articles, interviews, reviews, news to discussion articles or whatever type of article you can think of… as long as it’s interesting to the reader.

Your readers always come first, not the search engines!

Yes, you should use keywords and onpage seo techniques, but always write your articles for your readers and not for the search engines. It’s often enough to tweak the title, intro and sub-headlines to get good positions in search engines. It helps much more to write good articles for the reader and get comments, which means more content for your blog.

You can do it!

Did you know, that I only lived for one year in the US? I am from Germany and english is not my first language, as you might see… I don’t even have many chances to speak it nowadays… so if I can write articles, then you can do so as well.

Alright, if you don’t have any clue what to write about, have a look at other blogs and check out what posts got the most comments. These should be the topics that you should also write about, as they are obviously interesting for the readers.

Do you have any good strategies for writing great blog posts? Please share them with us, leave your comment below!

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum