What is your “reason why”?

reason_whyIf you want to become successful online, you need a strong “reason why”. Today I want to show you what that “reason why” can be and why you need it.

There are people who step into internet marketing and become successful after a few months, yet others struggle for years to earn their first dollar online. There is one thing, that separates the first from the second group, it’s their “reason why”.

Why do you want to become successful online?

Why do you want to start an online business, what is the “reason why” you are doing this? If you are just in for the money, it might not be enough to become successful. You need a strong “reason why”. Your “reason why” is what keeps you going for months or even years to come.

See, becoming successful online is like climbing up a huge mountain. Once you get over the top of the mountain you’ll start to see results but it takes a lot of effort to reach the top. Most people will give up before they come even near the top. They either give up completely or they start to search for a way to get around the mountain… but there is no way around, they end up at the base level again and need to climb all the way up again.

To make it over the top, you need a strong “reason why”. You won’t make it to the top just because somebody tells you the air is better up there. That would be a weak reason why to climb a mountain.

What if you had a family member that needs medicine really bad and the only place where this medicine is available is on the other side of the mountain. Would that be a strong “reason why” to climb up that mountain all the way over the top? Would you stop half way?

As you can see, a strong “reason why” let’s you do things that you normally wouldn’t do. If you can find a strong “reason why” to become successful with your online business, then you can’t be stopped, you’ll do whatever is needed to reach what you want.

Finding your “reason why” is the first step that you need to take towards becoming successful. This can be applied for all things, not just online business. You won’t become a professional football player, a Hollywood star, a successful business man/woman or even finish university without having a strong “reason why”. Think about it, most things that you have reached in life “happened” because you had a strong “reason why”.

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To your success,

Guido Nussbaum