Use a premium WordPress theme and framework

004_10When it comes to WordPress themes, most people are searching for free WordPress themes when setting up their first blog. In this article I will explain, why this can be a huge mistake and why you should always use a premium WordPress theme on your blog.

Yesterday we’ve talked about the best wordpress plugins and why you should use them. Plugins are great to get new features on your blog, but to give your blog a great look, you’ll need a theme. There are many free WordPress themes out there, but I suggest you don’t use a free theme for your blog, due to the following reasons:

1.) If you don’t know the person that has programmed the free theme, you’ll always be at risk, especially if you download themes from unknown sources. It’s possible to include malicious code into themes and if you install such a theme, you blog could mutate into a spam spitting monster. No Joke!

2.) For the programmer it is very hard to support his free themes on the long run. He doesn’t get money directly for the theme, so it could be that in two or three years from now the programmer is not reachable anymore and won’t update his themes.

3.) Free themes are often programmed for a certain purpose. In most cases it is to build up free backlinks, for example to sell premium themes. In many cases the free themes are therefore just basic themes with no extra features.

There are some more reasons for not using free themes. Please post a comment below if you know other good reasons for not using free wordpress themes.

Now, here are the reasons why I suggest you use a premium wordpress theme on your blog. Actually I’m recommending to use a premium WordPress Framework with a fitting theme. Here are the reasons why:

1.) Premium Frameworks / Themes have extra features that you don’t get with free themes.

2.) The code is virus free and in most premium themes of a good quality.

3.) You get support and updates with premium themes.

4.) In most cases they simply look better.

5.) In most cases they provide a better user experience.

6.) They are often more search engine friendly.

There are many premium frameworks and themes out there, so it’s still a hard choice. Many are good but my top choice is the Genesis Framework. It’s what I use here on the blog in combination with their News Pro Theme.

Are you using premium WordPress frameworks or themes? Which ones are your favorite ones? Leave your comment below and let others know what you prefer.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum