Track your way to success

trackingTo become successful with internet marketing, you need to test and track everything. Without tracking and testing you will only get sales by chance and never know where they are coming from.

In this article I want to show you how you use testing and tracking to get better results.


1.) Track your traffic sources

I assume that you are always sending the traffic that you buy or generate to your squeeze pages. You should always focus on listbuilding. If you want to become successful with listbuilding, you need to track everything that you are doing. One part that you need to track are the traffic sources.

I recommend you start out by buying solo ads. It’s simply the fastest way to get started and you’ll also see results quickly. When you go and buy solo ads, you should be tracking each solo ad purchase. You need a tracking service like Clickmeter to do this.

Setup your conversion code

Inside Clickmeter you need to create a new “conversion”. They will give you a conversion code that you need to place on your Thank You / Download page, the page that you visitors see after they signup to your email list. You only have to enter one conversion code on your Thank You page and you can create multiple tracking links to track different traffic sources. Each of these tracking links will be associated with your conversion code.

Setup your tracking links

Set up one tracking link for every traffic source or ad space that you use. For example if you buy a solo ad from Jonny, then you setup a new tracking link to track this one solo ad. When setting up your tracking link in Clickmeter, you need to assign the converstion that you’ve created to the tracking link. Now, when you use that tracking link in your solo ad, that Jonny sends out, you’ll see how many clicks you get and how many people sign up to your email list.


2.) Track where your sales are coming from

You can setup a similar tracking like for tracking the traffic sources as well for tracking your sales. You can create a new conversion code and place it on a download page for a product sale. If you are promoting business opportunities, they either give you a spot where you can enter your conversion code or you can try to add the code into your profile in the description box or another box that they have there. Usually this works with a coversion pixel code.

Now you can create new tracking links for every spot that you use to promote your products or opportunities. Usually that’s within your email follow up series, in broadcast emails, banners on your download page, banners on your blog etc..


3.) Split test everything

If you want to get really good at internet marketing, then you need to split test everything. There are literally hundreds of things that you can split test, for example:

– squeeze pages
– signup forms on your blog
– banners on your blog or website
– follow up emails
– broadcast emails

Within these examples above you can split test different things. For example you can split test two different background designs on your squeeze page or you could split test two different headlines on your squeeze pages. It takes a long time to find the best version for everything… I believe you can’t ever find the best version, you always need to continue with split-testing to become better. Once you grow big, a small percentage in the signup rate of you squeeze pages can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in your sales funnel.

If you want to get started with split testing and tracking, go ahead and signup for Clickmeter. The investment will be well worth it, no matter if you use paid or free traffic. You’ll save money if you buy advertising and you’ll save time if you generate traffic for free because you’ll finally know what traffic source and which ad space delivers the results. You can seperate the good traffic sources from the bad ones and become much more productive.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum