The best WordPress plugins for your blog

011_046There are several WordPress Plugins that you could install on your blog, but which ones are really useful and which ones are just a waste of time? In this article I show you the best WordPress Plugins that I came across in my years as an internet marketer.

Yesterday we’ve talked about the first steps you need to take to build up your own online business. One of these steps is setting up your own WordPress blog on your very own domain. I guess you can figure out how to install WordPress, if not you’ll surely find videos on YouTube that teaches how it works. With setting up WordPress it’s not yet done, you also need Plugins to give your blog the power it deserves.

WordPress plugins give you access to features that a blog without plugins doesn’t have. There are plugins that automate stuff, plugins that manage stuff, plugins that give your blog new features and so on. There is really a lot out there, but you don’t need it all. Don’t make the mistake to overload your blog with plugins and features, unless you want to build a community type of blog or some kind of platform. Still there are some wordpress plugins that you want to install on your blog.

Here are, in my opinion, the best Plugins for your WordPress blog:

1.) Antispam Bee (an alternative to Akismet)

2.) Do Follow (removes the nofollow attribute from your comments)

3.) Google XML Sitemaps Generator

4.) Hupso Share Buttons (simple social share buttons)

5.) Maxwordpress Ping Optimizer (prevents ping spamming)

6.) YARPP (Related Posts)

Maybe you know of any wordpress plugins that are really good but not listed above. Well, then post a comment below and let us know about it… but please don’t post affiliate links in the comment box.

I wish you a lot of success with your own WordPress blog and these plugins. Remember, try to post a new article on your blog every day to keep the traffic coming.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum