Some business insights

business_insightsToday I want to give you some insights into my online business and show you what I’ve been doing recently.

Email marketing and proven systems

In the last couple of days and weeks, I’ve been setting up my email marketing systems and I’ve started to use several proven systems. With one proven system, called MLSP, I’ve started to test and track different traffic sources. MLSP is an all-in-one system, you get several complete sales funnels and squeeze pages to promote… and you can track different advertising spots or traffic sources.

As for now, my best sources for new leads are:

List Joe Mailer
Bweeble Mailer
EasyHits4You (I’m targeting US hits only there)
– Email PS Clicks

So far I’ve tested several viral mailers and manual traffic exchanges. There were some more programs that delivered leads but the traffic comes slowly or the cost per lead was finally too high. The ones listed above are simply the best ones so far. I’ll be starting to test solo ads soon, one I’ve optimized my email marketing funnels.

The passive income bootcamp

I’ve finally opened up my passive income bootcamp video training. I’ve recorded 16 training videos full of information about how to build up a passive income through the internet. I’m giving these videos away for free as a gift to add new subscribers to my email list.

In the past I always had a lack of great free content that I could send out to my email list. You know, you can’t sell all the time or you’ll burn your list pretty quickly. Now I’m closing this gap with these 16 free training videos and the content on my blog.

The content in these videos is really good and suitable for newbies as well as for more experienced marketers. Here are some of the strategies that you’ll learn in these videos:

– How to setup your own WordPress blog
– How to setup your own email list
– How to setup a sales funnel
– Why you should use proven systems
– How to become a leader in your niche
– Why you need to use a funded proposal
– Why you need high ticket offers in your sales funnel
– How to generate traffic
– And a lot more.

The videos will be offered through the signup form on my blog and by squeeze pages that I’ll promote through different traffic sources. I’m currently split-testing two different squeeze page designs by using two autoresponder forms inside GVO and a URL rotator that rotates both squeeze pages. By using two autoresponder forms in one GVO campaign, I can see exactly how often the form was displayed and how many people opted in. I’ll be signing up for a professional tracking service soon, so I can start to test and track even more.

Giveaway Events

I’ve been into 3 giveaway events as a contributor this year. One event was a quite big event and I got 260 clicks (total not unique) and 107 signups to my list. The second event resulted in 14 clicks and 7 leads and the last event delivered 1 click and 1 signup.

I had an upgrade in all three events. The upgrade in the last two events cost only $7… now I know why.

I miss the old days of giveaway events… back in 2007 we had huge events where you could get hundreds of signups, sometimes even close to a thousand. Well, these days seem to be over but sometimes there are giveaway events that are worth to join.

Alright, that’s it for today. I have many more strategies on my to-do list and I’ll keep you updated on what works best.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum