Restart of my business

guido_4This my first article on the new blog about who I am and how I restart my online business. If you know me from the “old days”, then this blog post will tell you where I’ve been and what I’ve done in the last 3 years.


The market suddenly changed

In 2009 my business was running very well and I was making a six-figure income online. Unfortunately the following year was a pain, things began to change. First my income started to drop, most likely for several reasons (economy crash, running too many projects at once, more and more competition coming up etc.). Somehow the market was changing, not only for me but for many people. I saw several people go out of business, others just complained that their income was dropping. Well, I had to do something.

The german market

Since I’m living in Germany and due to the fact, that the german online market was years behind the english market, I decided to branch out on the german market. I started a new company with a friend of mine in January 2011 and we had our first website launch in February 2011. This first website made us well over €20,000 in the first month and the conversions were like 3 times higher than on the english market (talk about a 12% conversion for a €97 OTO). This first website was a viral mailer and there was only one other viral mailer on the market when we started it. Until today we started several more websites on the german market, even released a membershipsite software in 2013.

While putting my focus on the german market, my english websites suffered. I didn’t find the time to further develop the websites or even promote them properly. Even worse, there were hacker attacks and D-DOS attacks while I was on a 3 weeks holiday without having complete access to my sites… that cost me a lot of business. So the income from my english sites went down while the income from the german market went up.

In 2013 I realized, that the german internet marketing scene is great but simply too small for certain programs or business opportunities. For example, our viral mailer is one of the industry leaders and it only has about 4000 members. Other viral mailers that started shortly after ours only reached around 1000 members by today. Compare that to the 50,000 members that some viral mailers on the english market have. Even if the members in german viral mailers are much more active than those in english mailers, due to the fact that there are just a handful of them on the market, the potential for getting new members is simply limited.

The restart of my english business

Now that my german business runs almost on autopilot, I have the time and energy to restart my english business. This time I’ll focus only on a handful of projects versus over 30 websites and projects in 2009. I’ve deleted all my websites that were either niche websites with less than $30 monthly income (fitness sites, cooking sites etc.) or internet marketing sites that were simply outdated and with no more member activity (Giveaway Manager, Giveaway Announcer, PLR Niches, several blogs etc.). If you are still using my software, you can keep doing so, but I don’t support the software anymore. You are allowed to remove the footer links in the software that might not be working anymore.

My plan now is to focus on those websites, that still show activity and have enough potential to be restarted or further developed (Traffic Witch, Traffic Gifts, Instant List Empire, Viral Traffic Bar, this blog), as soon as I have a concrete plan on how to redo those. Next to that I plan to focus on teaching or coaching through articles and hopefully soon videos as well.

One new part of my business will be network marketing. Until today I’ve only made small attempts to get into network marketing but I think it can be a great way to help others and build up a passive income at the same time. I know there are some great network marketing companies out there with great products. For example, I’ve been a customer with GVO for over 6 years now, only because of their autoresponder.

My first step towards network marketing was, that I joined MLSP 2 days ago. It’s a real cool system to generate leads and income without creating products and without having to build up websites. MLSP is not a network marketing company, it’s a training and lead generating system with an affiliate program included. Here is my affiliate link if you want to check out MLSP. I’ll probably write a review about MLSP in a couple of days or weeks, when I see how it works out.

Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I’m back… well, I wasn’t really away, just off focus… and that you can follow me along the way getting back to six-figures on the english market. You can go the same route, simply do what I do to begin: Start or restart your own blog on your very own domain (not on a sub-domain hosted by some company).

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum