Pure Leverage Review – Is it a scam?

pure_leverage_reviewIf you are looking for an honest Pure Leverage review or if you want to know if Pure Leverage is a scam, search no more.

In this review I’ll show you what Pure Leverage is all about, if Pure Leverage is a scam and if it’s the right program for you.


What is Pure Leverage all about?

Pure Leverage is a marketing system and tool suite, founded by Joel Therien who is also the owner of GVO. The program includes a MLM opportunity that pays 100% commissions on direct referrals for the first month and a 50% matching check of what your direct referrals earn.

The idea behind Pure Leverage is to sell the shovels to the gold diggers instead of digging for gold yourself. See, all the tools that come with Pure Leverage are targeted towards internet marketers and MLM people. They all need tools like the ones that Pure Leverage provides to market their website, products or business opportunities.

Personally I’ve always liked the idea of MLM, especially the part with the passive income. The only thing I never liked about MLM programs were the products. I don’t want to sell vitamins, berry-juices, overpriced coffee or other stuff that you can get anywhere for much cheaper. With Pure Leverage it’s different because you don’t need to sell things that people don’t need. All you are offering with Pure Leverage are tools that everybody who wants to make money online needs. That’s why I’m into Pure Leverage!


What tools do you get with Pure Leverage?

Pure Leverage includes several tools, training videos and live webinars. Personally I’ve only used three of the tools that Pure Leverage provides: The autoresponder, the lead capture system and the webinar room. The Pure Leverage autoresponder is the same autoresponder that you get with GVO and I’ve been using it since 2008. Currently I have over 45,000 subscribers in this autoresponder.

pure_leverage_testimonialThe autoresponder is in my opinion the main feature of Pure Leverage.

It’s much cheaper than other autoresponders (I’d have to pay hundreds of dollars monthly to have my 45,000+ lists in other autoresponders) and the delivery rates are similar to the big ones like Aweber or GetResponse.


Here is a list of the tools that you get with Pure Leverage:

1.) The Elite Coaching Program

2.) Lead Capture Auto Responder System

3.) Video Email Service

4.) Authority Blog

5.) Turbo Traffic Generation

6.) Live Meeting / Webinar Room

pure_leverage_trainingThe tools are well worth the price, especially the autoresponder and the webinar room are tools that you need if you want to market your products or opportunities online. The Authority Blog is nice for newbies but no serious marketer would run his main blog on a subdomain. You can use the blog as a satellite-blog to get some links and traffic to your main blog and websites.

You get all these tools for just $25.95 monthly. That’s a very fair price and one of the reasons why you can’t call Pure Leverage a scam. Just the autoresponder alone is worth much more. Just check out what you’d pay for 10,000 subscribers at Aweber, GetResponse or other autoresponder providers.


The Pure Leverage income opportunity

When signing up for Pure Leverage you can chose to become a reseller for an additional $19.97 monthly. This enables you to earn 100% direct commissions on month 1 and 50% commissions starting month 2 for all direct referrals as well as a 50% matching check for each of your personal referrals. These are residual commissions and with some work you can build it up to a full-time monthly income. There is also a $97 monthly upsell that gives you access to even more advanced training and higher commissions.


The compensation plan is great because you get 100% commissions for each referral in the first month, so you can be in profit very fast. Then you have the 50% matching check which enables you to earn huge monthly commissions once you have built up a strong team.

You must know, that Pure Leverage is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a legit tools suite with an included income opportunity. There is work involved if you want to make money with Pure Leverage, just as there is work involved with any business opportunity out there. This means you won’t make a living just by posting some ads on Facebook but you can build up a residual income by following the Pure Leverage coaching and by taking action on what you learn.

I’m also here to help you if you want to get started with Pure Leverage. You can contact me through Skype and work with me to get your Pure Leverage business started.

1.) Join Pure Leverage, click here

2.) Contact me through Skype, my Skype ID is: guido.nussbaum

You don’t need to promote Pure Leverage as your main business opportunity, it perfectly fits as a side-business to any MLM or other type of business opportunity. Your team will need an autoresponder and other tools as well to become successful online and you can provide these tools as a Pure Leverage reseller.

Feel free to post your questions or comments below.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum