Insights into my business – Solo ads and tracking

solo_ads_and_trackingIt’s time for the next article in my “insights into my business” article series. In this article series I want to show you what I’m doing to grow my online business to six-figures.

In the last couple of days and weeks I’ve been focusing on listbuilding and improving my blog and social accounts. As you might have noticed, my blog got a new design and the same design can be found on my social accounts like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Having the same design on all channels is a great way for branding yourself, it’s kind of like having a corporate identity.

With the restart of my business I’ve created a new list in Aweber for my new “Passive Income Bootcamp” funnel. This list is growing pretty fast. In the last 30 days I’ve added over 500 subscribers, mainly through solo ads, viral mailers, my old lists and blogging.

I’m using Clickmeter to track the different traffic sources, so I can see where my signups are coming from. The signup rates from solo ads are ranging from 11% up to 54%. I’ve been testing several solo ad sellers, each with 100 clicks. In most cases I spend between $35 and $50 for each 100 clicks, which is currently approximately between $1 and $3 per lead. My first big goal is to get the cost per lead below $1 which I’ll accomplish by finding the best solo ad sellers and by split-testing different squeeze pages.

Below you can see the subscriber growth in my Aweber account.

While building my email list, I’m split-testing two different squeeze pages to improve the signup rate. Currently I’m testing different designs. In the first split-test both squeeze pages performed almost equally well, in the second split-test I found a definite winner.

Below are the results of my second split-test.

As you can see, I’m concentrating most of my efforts on listbuilding.

Building your own email list is most important if you want to make money online. Next to listbuilding I’m trying to grow and improve this blog and I’m working on some products in the background.

My best program for this period: Aweber

I’ll keep you updated here on the blog about my progress and strategies that I’m using. Feel free to comment below, you are welcome.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum