Insights into my business – Sales funnel and traffic

sales_funnel_trafficLooks like I’m starting an article series here with insights into my online business. I’ll be sharing my strategies and even results in this series.

Currently I’m in the process of getting back into the english market. The last 3 years I’ve been focusing on building up my german online business and my english business suffered from that. Today I want to show you how I’ve set up my sales funnel and how I’ve started to generate traffic.


My sales funnel

Currently I’m testing my new sales funnel which consists mostly of free valuable information. The idea behind this concept is that I give out great information for free and in return people will start to know, like and trust me. This is when the sales start to happen naturally, means people will see their needs for certain products that I recommend.

The entry of my sales funnel is the free signup to my email list, either through a squeeze page or right here from my blog. I’m split-testing two different squeeze pages and measuring the conversions with Clickmeter to find out what works best. I still have to split test two different signup forms on my blog, it’s on my to-do list.

After the free signup people get access to a download page. On this page people find the link to the series of my 16 training videos and there are also three bonus links. Through the videos people will learn how to setup a blog, how to use an autoresponder, how to build up a sales funnel and a lot more. Of course I’m recommending tools that they need, such as hosting, autoresponder etc.. On the first bootcamp video page I’ve only placed one single banner below the video for instant monetization. I’ll be rotating and testing different banners or ads on that spot soon.

Then of course I got several follow up emails inside my autoresponder, currently 32. I’ll be adding more emails to the series soon. In those follow up emails I basically just remind people to watch the next video and every four or five days I’ve added a promotion for one of the tools / products mentioned in my videos. There are also some emails that “promote” good articles on my blog.

I’m currently not using any OTOs, Upsells or Downsells in my sales funnel. Once I find the time to create these, I’ll be split testing them as a second sales funnel against my current sales funnel to see which one produces a higher subscriber value.


Generating Traffic

My plan is to test and track multiple sources of traffic to find the best ones. I’ve bought two solo ads, each with 100 clicks to test out the solo ad seller. One is already sending traffic and signups but the traffic is being delivered very slow and it looks like he did not send out a solo mail, otherwise the clicks should be delivered much faster. The conversion rate of this ad is currently at 20.41%. The second solo ad hasn’t been sent out yet.

I’ve also bought seven “Solo Ads” on Fiver. I couldn’t let it be because I wanted to know it they are for real, so I invested $5 for each. One was a real Solo Ad but with a very low conversion of 13.04%. Six were junk traffic from safelists or other sources with conversions of 0% up to 0.49%. This was the first and last time I bought traffic from Fiver. I can’t say “lesson learned” because I did expect these type of results.

The next source I’ve tested are 3 viral mailers: List Joe, Bweeble and ViralURL.  I took the yearly upgrade in all of them. All produce clicks and signups but I don’t have enough data yet to publish the numbers here. I’ll do that in a couple of weeks.

To get a good mix of traffic, I’m testing out pay per view traffic. I’ve opened up an account at DirectCPV and loaded my account with $100. I’ve created some campaigns and setup tracking for each keyword. Unfortunately the $100 didn’t appear in my account yet, so the campaigns have not started. I’ll be sharing the results in my next update here on the blog.

Finally I’ve used some free traffic methods, mainly forum signatures, Facebook fanpage, blogging and videos on Youtube. I’ve just started and haven’t done much yet, so the numbers are too low to share. I’ll also share these later.

Alright, that’s it for my activities on the english market so far. I’m still active on the german market and will do a membershipsite launch in September, so I’m also pretty busy with that. There is currently more on my To-Do list than I can handle.

My best program for this period:  Clickmeter

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To your success,

Guido Nussbaum