Insights into my business – Listbuilding

business_insights_listbuildIn the last two weeks I’ve been focusing most of my time on my german online business. I’ve launched a new membership site on the 9th of September. Well, it was actually a soft-launch with just 5 affiliates promoting the launch. But let’s not talk about my german business, let’s talk about my english business…

In the last couple of weeks I didn’t find the time and energy for blogging, mainly due to the german launch but also because I’ve created a second listbuilding funnel that I’m testing against my first funnel to see which works best. Basically I’m testing a funnel with OTOs, Upsells and Downsells versus a funnel with a simple download page.

In case you don’t know, I’m currently re-starting my english business, trying to get it back to 6-figures per year. For the re-start of my business I’m building a complete new email list that is now at 952 active subscribers. I guess it will take some time to get back to old heights where I had over 70,000 people on my lists. Parts of my old lists are still there but they became very unresponsive and I guess I’ll delete them soon or at least clean them up as much as possible.

I have tested about ten solo ad sellers by now, each with 100 clicks. Most of them had a huge over delivery, some sent as much as 150 clicks. From these bookings I received between 34 and 63 signups while paying between $35 and $45 for each 100 click booking. I’ve now bought 300 clicks from the best two sellers, but I’m not sure if buying a larger number of clicks makes sense… they would have to over deliver even more to make it worth. You know, if I get 120 clicks when buying 100 clicks, then I should get 360 clicks when buying 300 clicks from the same seller, otherwise I’m better off buying lower click packages.

Just some days ago I’ve signed up for a program called Lead Swaps where I can swap clicks in my list building funnel. This should help to add more subscribers to my list. Lead Swaps has one great feature where you can swap funnel clicks automatically. You simply add your squeeze page into Lead Swaps and they give you a link that you add into your funnel. This way you are swapping clicks with other marketers on autopilot.

Another program I’ve joined today is called Pennies4Profits. It’s a lead provider where you get 100 fresh leads every single day for just $30 per month. They have an included mailer, so you don’t need to import the leads into an autoresponder. At first I was very skeptical about Pennies4Profits because 100 leads per day for just $30 a month sounds too good to be true. I was just about to click the website away when I decided to check for some reviews about Pennes4Profits.

Well, on the Warrior forum there was a thread about it and those who used the program were very satisfied with it… so I gave it a try. Of course I’m tracking clicks and signups from Pennies4Profits, so in a couple of days or weeks I should be able to tell how well it actually converts.

OK, that’s basically my progress for the month of September. As you can see, I’m currently focusing on adding new subscribers to my email list and on optimizing my list building funnel. If you want to know what exactly I’m doing to build up multiple passive income streams, then signup for my Passive Income Bootcamp and watch the 16 free videos.

I’ll keep you guys updated here on my blog about my progress.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum