How to use an autoresponder for listbuilding

004_35Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of online marketing today. To build up and manage your own email list, you should use an autoresponder. In this article you’ll find out, how to use an autoresponder for listbuilding and email marketing.

So far we’ve talked about one of the steps to get your online business started, blogging. Now that you hopefully have your own blog up and running and you are getting the first visitors, you want to make sure that you catch the information of these visitors to follow up on them. That’s what we do through email marketing.

You’ve seen it before, some blogs have a form and you can enter your name and email to receive some kind of information or product for free. That’s most likely an autoresponder form that the blog owner uses to build his email list. You should use this strategy as well because email marketing is very effective and you can redirect people back to your blog through emails.

There are many autoresponders out there that you can use to build your email list. I’ve tried many of them and my favorite one, that I’m using since 2008 is GVO. Take their titanium reseller hosting and you get the autoresponder and more great tools included.

With an autoresponder you can automate your email marketing campaigns. You can setup follow up emails that are being delivered in certain intervals to new subscribers, for example one day after signup, three days after signup and so on. You can set up 10, 30 or even 100 follow up emails if you like and automate you email marketing this way.

Getting signups through your autoresponder form on your blog is one method. You can also create squeeze pages and place your signup form on those. Squeeze pages are simple landing pages that have only one purpose: Getting the visitor to signup to your email list. These can be very effective if used correctly. You can get signup rates of 30% or higher if you use a giveaway that people need and want.

If you don’t know how to setup squeeze pages and your email marketing backend, then you can use the pre-made squeeze pages of MLSP. It’s all done for you there and you can even plug in your own GVO autoresponder to get all the signups into your own email list.

Once you have your signup form on your blog and squeeze pages up and running, you only need to send traffic to get more signups to your email list. How to generate traffic will be one of the main topics of my blog, so make sure you come back here to read all new articles about traffic.

Take care and get started with building up your own email list, it’s really one of the most effective strategies in online marketing.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum