How to produce good articles constantly

producing_articlesIf you are running your own blog, you need to write new articles all the time, possibly every day. Today I want to show you how to produce good articles constantly.

Writing new articles constantly is a difficult task for many people. Even professional writers can’t produce articles straight out of their head, they also use a procedure to come up with great articles. Below I want to show you the procedure that I use to create articles for my blog.

1.) Brainstorming for ideas

The first step towards producing good articles is to brainstorm ideas for new article topics. This can be done with a focus on keywords, that you want the article to be ranked for in the search engines. You should have a file on your computer for this purpose. In this file you’ll save all ideas and keywords for new blog articles. You’ll find new ideas by reading other people’s blogs, by reading forums or in groups on social sites. Keywords can be found with different keyword tools and SEO software.

2.) Pre-write your articles

Whenever you are in a good mood for writing articles, choose a topic and write down what you know about this certain topic. In this stage you should be writing without many interruptions, no spell checking and no search for additional information about the topic. Just take your current flow and write until you can’t write anymore about the certain topic. Then take the next topic if you are still in a good mood to write. This way you can pre-write several articles in a very short time.

3.) Search for additional information

Everytime you want to publish a new article on your blog, take one of your pre-written articles and fill it with more information. Go out there and use Google, Wikipedia and other websites to find additional information about the article’s topic. Then finish up your article with this additional information (of course you don’t copy from Wikipedia & Co., you write it in your own words).

4.) Get your articles ready to be published

Before you publish your article, you should spell check it and format it correctly. Make sure you structure your article into paragraphs. Also use sub-headlines, bold text, underlined text and even colored text to highlight the most important parts of the article. Don’t forget to optimize each article for one or two keywords, so that they have a chance to rank in Google.

Finally you can go ahead and publish the article on your blog. Publishing new articles constantly is the first step towards getting lots of traffic to your blog.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum