How to get leads fast

004_26If you are just starting out with internet marketing or network marketing, then you won’t have the ressources to get leads into your autoresponder and signups into your business opportunity. In this article I’ll show you how you can get leads fast, even if you don’t have a blog, an email list or any other tools.

In my last blog post we’ve talked about autoresponders and building up your own email list. This is one of the most important steps you can take towards online success, promised! Today I want to show you, how you can get the first leads into your autoresponder within just a couple of hours by the push of a button.

Your fast start with viral mailers

Viral mailers are similar to safelists, with some twists. Basically you signup for the viral mailer and agree to receive emails from other members of the viral mailer. You can then click links in those emails to collect points for mailing out your own emails to that list. At first this sounds like it won’t work because people could use throw-away-email adresses… but many don’t. If the viral mailer is big enough and their points system is balanced out well, then you can get 10, 20 or more leads by sending out one single email to that list.

When using viral mailers as a serious internet marketer, you don’t want to click emails for getting points. Instead you should buy points or solo emails, so that you get your emails out there today.

When you signup for a viral mailer you will see a One Time Offer in most programs. Buy the One Time Offer if you can, it’s the best offer you’ll get from them. Often they offer a membership upgrade for $197 or similar for a year. With such an upgrade you can send out your email to a certain number of members every couple of days. Sometimes it’s 3000 members every 2 days or 5000 members every 3 days or something similar. That’s really cool because you can mail out many times throughout the year… you can test different offers, different emails and promote multiple opportunities or products. With good squeeze pages I often get 10 or more new leads from one email, so it’s surely worth it.

Here are two viral mailers that I use and I get great results with these:

1.) List Joe

2.) Bweeble

As an upgraded member at these viral mailers you get also several different ad-spots (rotating for all upgraded members), for example login ads, text ads, banner ads and other types of ads. Use all of the ad spaces you get, to maximize the number of leads you receive from the viral mailer.

If you don’t have your own squeeze pages and offers yet, that you could send out to the viral mailers, then have a look at MLSP, there you get several ready made systems to build your own email list.

Don’t forget to recommend these mailers to your team as an advertising ressource. It’s a great way for them to start getting leads and you receive affiliate commissions for recommending them.

I know, there are many more viral mailers out there… please don’t post any links below!

Are you using viral mailers yet? What kind of results do you get? Share your experience with us, comment below.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum