Clickmeter review – tracking solo ads

clickmeter_reviewIn this Clickmeter review I want to show you why and how to use Clickmeter for tracking solo ads and different traffic sources.

You will learn how to use Clickmeter to find the best traffic sources and solo ad sellers.



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When using Clickmeter you should create one campaign to test the conversions on your squeeze page. Then you create a conversion code that you place on your download or thanks page. You can then create one tracking link for each traffic source that you want to test. You must assign the conversion to each tracking link so that you measure your signups.

You can use Clickmeter not only to track the signups on your squeeze page but also to test different sales funnels, sales rates of your offers, ad-spaces on your blog or website or whatever you can think of.

A tracking service like Clickmeter is in my opinion one of the most important tools that you can use for your online business.


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Guido Nussbaum