How to produce good articles constantly

If you are running your own blog, you need to write new articles all the time, possibly every day. Today I want to show you how to produce good articles constantly. Writing new articles constantly is a difficult task for many people. Even professional writers can’t produce articles straight out of their head, they also […]

12 ways to get traffic to your blog

Writing great content for your blog is often not enough to attract many visitors, you also have to actively generate traffic. Today I want to show you 12 ways to get free traffic to your blog. If you want to run a successful blog, you have to publish great content on a daily basis or […]

Getting people to visit your blog

Having your own blog out there is great, but what if only a few people actually see it? You surely need to drive traffic to your blog, otherwise it’s just another blog in cyberspace. In this article I’ll show you how to get people to visit your blog. In the previous articles we’ve talked about […]

What to write on your blog

Setting up a blog is easy, but when it comes to the actual content many people face an instant writers block. In this article you’ll get some ideas on what to write about on your new blog, so that visitors want to leave comments and come back. If you read my previous articles, you know […]

Use a premium WordPress theme and framework

When it comes to WordPress themes, most people are searching for free WordPress themes when setting up their first blog. In this article I will explain, why this can be a huge mistake and why you should always use a premium WordPress theme on your blog. Yesterday we’ve talked about the best wordpress plugins and […]

The best WordPress plugins for your blog

There are several WordPress Plugins that you could install on your blog, but which ones are really useful and which ones are just a waste of time? In this article I show you the best WordPress Plugins that I came across in my years as an internet marketer. Yesterday we’ve talked about the first steps […]