Being a contributor in a giveaway event

gift boxGiveaway events have been around for a while and many marketers have used them to add hundreds of new subscribers to their email lists. In this article I want to show you how you can use giveaway events too and build a huge list by doing so.

It has been a while since I’ve participated in a giveaway event but now, that I’m starting to become more active again on the english speaking market, it’s one of the first methods that I use to add new subscribers to my list.

What is a giveaway event?

A giveaway event is basically a website where many internet marketers team up to add new subscribers to their email lists. They all add a gift into the giveaway event. This can be a free ebook, software, graphics, video or whatever you can deliver digitally. Then all the marketers start to promote the giveaway event website to get signups into the event. People who signup up can browse through the gifts inside the giveaway event and if they want to get a gift, they must signup to the contributor’s email list to download it.

Giveaway Events have been one of my best sources for getting new subscribers fast. You can literally get hundreds of subscribers within just 2 weeks. And no, these are not only people who are looking for free stuff, you can surely convert them into paying customers.

How can you benefit from a giveaway event?

There are two ways to benefit from a giveaway event. First of all you can get your hands on tons of great products for free and second you can add new subscribers to your email list if you become a contributor to the event.

As a contributor you can add your gifts to the event. There are also several advertising spots within the event, but these are usually offered to upgraded contributors only. With an upgrade you get many benefits from a giveaway event, for example a higher gift ranking on the gift listing page. In the large giveaway events it’s surely worth it to take one of the upgrades they offer.

Where can I find giveaway events?

There are many new giveaway events popping up all the time but only a few are really worth joining. I suggest, you join only those events that are run by a well-known internet marketer. The giveaway event host should have the contacts and promotion power to get enough signups into the event. Some of these larger events are by personal invitation only, so you need to know the right people to join these as a contributor. Other events are open for all marketers and you usually get to know about them through the email lists of other internet marketers.

There are also several websites that list up all giveaway events, or at least many, that are currently running. I’m not that much into the scene of giveaway events right now, so I can’t recommend any pages currently, but you can do a Google search to find these sites.

Here is one event, that I can recommend to you. It’s open right now for contributors but it will soon close contributor signups and start the member signup phase… so you need to hurry up if you want to get onboard as a contributor.

It’s John Cornetta, who runs this event. In case you don’t know him… he is one of the top internet marketers with a huge influence and a huge list.

So, this event is going to be a large. You can join as a contributor, click here.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum