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guido_4After graduating from my programmers education in 2007 I’ve instantly started my very own online business. After some tests with niche websites, I had a first small success with my first membershipsite.

My first Big Success was the Halloween Giveaway in 2007. My list jumped from 200 subscribers to over 5000 literally overnight. Since then my online business kept steadily growing… not by itself but because I launched new websites almost every 2 months. After launching the Giveaway Manager 2 software people started to regard me as one of the Top experts in the giveaway event market which opened new opportunities to create Joint Ventures and new Contacts.

In December 2008 I’ve launched my to date most successful website, the Traffic Witch traffic exchange. We grew this traffic exchange to 30,000 members within the first year.

In 2011 I branched out on the german market and started several successful websites there. Unfortunately my english business decreased due to different reasons while working at my german websites and it wasn’t until the end of 2013 that I made a plan on how to get my english business back to earning six-figures.

Now I’m back at it and through my blog I want to help those of you who are also building up a business online.

I wish you much success with Your online business and I hope you can learn a couple of new things here on my blog.


Guido Nussbaum

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