5 things you’ll regret in the future

5_things_regretThere are things that you will be proud of some day and there are things that you’ll regret. Today I want to talk about five things that you’ll regret in the future.

1.) Giving up too early

Many people try to make money online, yet only a small percentage of them actually becomes successful. One of the main reasons why people fail is that they give up too early. If you get involved with a business opportunity or even start your very own business online, you will either become successful or you’ll give up at a certain point. Of course you should not work on a business for a year without getting results, but you shouldn’t give up too early either.

You might ask yourself one day: “What would have happened if I didn’t give up?”.

2.) Not giving 100% when starting your business

If you plan to start a business online, be prepared to give 100% and more. People don’t become successful by chance, they have a plan and they do whatever it takes to put their plan into reality. Especially in the internet marketing or MLM industry most people just play around with this business and only a small percentage give 100% and become successful.

If you don’t give 100%, you will ask yourself one day: “Where could I be today if I gave 100% in the past?”.

3.) Being afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone

You’ll need to do things that you normally would not do in order to become successful. Are you prepared to step out of your comfort zone and do what’s needed? Maybe you don’t like writing articles, maybe you don’t like technical stuff or you might hate cold calling. Whatever it is, that you don’t like to do, step out of your comfort zone and just do it.

One day you’ll ask yourself: “Where could I be today if I had done this one thing that I didn’t like to do?”

4.) Surrounding yourself with the wrong people

I don’t really know why, but if you decide to go a different way and not participate in the rat race like everybody else, people will come to you and tell you that this won’t work, that it’s a scam and that you should go and get a job. It’s as if they don’t want you to become successful or they have become so indoctrinated by the system that they don’t believe it’s possible to break out of the rat race.

If you want to become successful, you’ll have to let go of these people, at least for a while. You have enough hurdles to take when starting a business and you don’t need any extra battles.

You need to surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you do. These people will be good for your business spirit and they will support what you do.

5.) Not having lived your dreams

We all have dreams about what we want to do, what we want to see and who we want to be, but most of us never live these dreams. Unfortunately we can’t turn back time and one day we’ll regret that we haven’t lived our dreams.

Do you have a bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of things that you want to do in your life. Take some time and create your very own bucket list. You’ll see that this list will become a pretty long list and you should start to “work” your list and cross out possibly all things as long as you have the energy to do so.

Think about these 5 things you’ll regret in the future and then start to take action to prevent it. You can do anything that you really want to do.

To your success,

Guido Nussbaum