5 advanced website traffic strategies

website_traffic_strategiesToday I want to show you 5 advanced strategies for generating website traffic. These strategies are not really usable for the newbie, but if you are a bit more of an advanced marketer, then you can surely put these strategies into practice.


1.) A wordpress theme with giveaway rights

You can either program a wordpress theme yourself or you can hire somebody to do it for you. Once you got your wordpress theme, you only need to distribute it with giveaway rights, so that it spreads throughout the internet. To get traffic to your website, you need to place a footer link into the theme, possibly with your main keyword. In the license file you should set a rule that the footer link can’t be removed. This way you’ll create backlinks and traffic on autopilot.

2.) Create a reseller ebook

You can write an ebook and give it away for free with resale and giveaway rights, so that other people can also give it away to their contacts. In the ebook you place links to your websites and offers. Once the ebook is ready to be released, you can add it to giveaway events, reseller membershipsites or give it away on the warrior forum and other forums.

3.) Start an event

You can start several types of events, for example a product launch, a dimesale, a giveaway event or any other event you can think of. You should have an affiliate program within the event, so that other people can promote it. If done right, you can drive tons of traffic to your website when starting your own event.

4.) Buy websites with traffic

There are websites being sold on eBay or other places where you can buy and sell websites. If you are doing some research, you might be able to buy a website that is still getting a good amount of traffic. The website should be in your niche, so that you can redirect the traffic or place relevant ads on the site. Often you get a good amount of traffic for a low investment and sometimes you can get visitors for pennies using this strategy.

5.) Buy expired domains

Buying expired domains works similar to the last strategy. Search for expired domains with a good amount of traffic. When you buy an expired domain, then the actual website or the content of the domain is not included. You either redirect the domain to your website or you build up a new website on the expired domain. Either way, often you can get traffic for a very low investment this way.

Alright, I hope you like these five strategies for generating website traffic. There are of course many more strategies out there and I will share more with you here on my blog soon.

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To your success,

Guido Nussbaum